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Milwaukee Vehicle Weight
Violation Defense Attorneys

Smart, aggressive, and experienced traffic violations lawyers.


Based in Milwaukee, Courtney & Moulter represents trucking companies, drivers and owner-operators who have been cited for weight violations on Wisconsin roads, highways or bridges. Our attorneys understand the calculation of gross and axle weights, and we also know how to develop and present defense strategies based on the facts of a given situation. Contact our office for a free consultation about your options.

Axle weight violations are typically punished by $5,000 fines in Wisconsin, so it makes sense to seek an attorney’s advice before paying the ticket. We can review the facts of your case and look for weaknesses in the evidence against the driver or owner. In many jurisdictions, the possibility of compromise charges or fines might be available. In other communities, our trial experience can give you an advantage when local prosecution policies make compromise unrealistic.

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Courtney & Molter represents truckers and their employers when charged with such violations as:

  • Gross weight violations
  • Single or tandem axle violations
  • Special permit violations for gross weights over 80,000 pounds, 100,000 pounds or more
  • Seasonal weight violations
  • Bridge restrictions
  • Access road violations

With a statewide practice on weight violations cases, our attorneys know how your defense strategy might vary in different jurisdictions. No matter where you were stopped, however, our goal is to keep the financial sanctions to the minimum possible.

We represent local and out-of-state truckers on weight violations charges throughout Wisconsin. Contact Courtney & Molter for a free consultation with a Wisconsin weight violations defense attorney at 414-224-6070 or 800-536-5045.

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