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Charged With Driving Under the Influence of Drugs?

More and more people in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin are being accused not of drunk driving in the traditional sense — driving under the influence of alcohol — but of driving under the influence of drugs. This is every bit as serious as the traditional DUI charge.

Police officers will pull people over for driving erratically. If they smell drugs or see other evidence of drug use, they may search the car, hoping to find evidence to arrest the driver for drug charges. They may also simply conduct breath and blood tests and find that the driver has THC, for example, in his or her system, evidence of recent marijuana use. This is sufficient for police to charge the driver with DUI drugs. At Courtney & Molter, our lawyers have decades of experience defending against these charges.

Driving Under the Influence of Illegal Drugs

Tests may show only low levels of drugs in a driver’s system. They may indicate that marijuana, cocaine or some other illegal drug was consumed days prior to the incident. However, police are still able to make an arrest and convictions are still possible. Our attorneys know how to challenge test results and protect clients’ constitutional rights.

Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs

What if the drug found in the driver’s system was legally prescribed? What if the drug was an over-the-counter drug, the use of which is not illegal at all? If test results indicate that the quantity consumed is sufficient to impair driving, an arrest may be made. These are complex cases and there are penalties on the line, so it is important for drivers to retain the representation of an experienced Wisconsin attorney.

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