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Milwaukee Burglary
Defense Lawyers

Smart, aggressive, and experienced burglary lawyers.


Arrested for Breaking and Entering?

At Courtney & Molter, we can defend against burglary charges of all types, including:

  • Burglary of cars
  • Burglary of residential property
  • Burglary of occupied residences
  • Burglary of unoccupied residences
  • Burglary of nonresidential property

Knowledge of the distinctions between various types of burglary charges is critical. Our lawyers know how penalties differ depending on whether you are accused of breaking into an occupied home versus an unoccupied home, for example. We know how prosecutors approach these different types of burglary charges, and we know how to work with them, negotiating positive outcomes, or against them, taking cases to trial and fighting for a positive outcome.

We have been defending people in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin for more than 30 years. If you have been accused of burglary, we can protect your rights and your future.

Is There More to the Story?

Why the crime was committed makes a difference. An unarmed person who broke into a car and stole a car stereo to sell and support a drug habit will be looked upon differently by prosecutors than someone who broke into an occupied residence, armed with a weapon, and caused harm to the occupants. We take the time to find out the full story, because we may have to present it to the prosecutor in order to negotiate the best possible outcome. This approach can mean the difference between drug treatment and a trip to jail.

Burglary alone is a felony. Matters are made more challenging by the fact that the burglary charge is often accompanied by other crimes such as theft or gun crimes. Our attorneys have the experience to defend you against every charge you face. No matter how challenging your case may be, you can be confident it is in good hands at our law firm.

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