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Assault Charges and What You Can Do About Them

At Courtney & Molter, our lawyers bring more than 30 years of experience to assault charges. Many of these cases involve allegations of domestic violence, while others my stem from bar fights and alcohol-fueled situations. Whether you have been charged with simple assault or aggravated assault, you know that a conviction could lead to serious penalties, not to mention a criminal record. Our experience allows us to attack the charges and pursue a positive outcome, whether through negotiation with criminal prosecutors or trial.

Assault or Self-Defense?

Not surprisingly, assault charges often involve conflicting witness statements. One person’s story may be completely different from another’s. The victim may claim that he or she was attacked, while the accused states that the assault was really an act of self-defense. Getting to the truth of the matter is often the first challenge that attorneys face in these cases.

Our attorneys get to the truth by listening to you. We take a hands-on approach, building your case from the ground up. Tell us what led up to the incident. Were there people present whom the police did not interview, witnesses who may know what really happened? Police may spend only a certain amount of time at the scene of the alleged assault. That leaves us with work to do. We will find the witnesses and get their statements as part of our investigation. In many cases, whether the assault involves a fight at a bar or a fight at home, we find that the person accused of the crime was simply taking the steps necessary to avoid becoming the victim.

How Serious Was the Victim Injured?

Did the alleged victim walk away without any injuries? Was the victim hospitalized? Was there allegedly a weapon used? Did the victim have a weapon too? Every little detail can play a role in how the case is handled. Our attorneys know not to overlook any detail in building a defense strategy to protect your rights and your future.

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