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Traffic Violation Impact on Insurance

If you’re wondering how traffic tickets impact auto insurance rates, you’re not along. Unfortunately, this is a question with no clear answer.

Traffic Tickets and Auto Insurance Rates: Every company has a different policy regarding traffic tickets. Some raise your rates for three years , and others apply a surcharge for the first year – one that will be removed if you have no more speeding or other tickets on your record.

It’s good to have a positive relationship with your insurance company. Some companies will not raise your rates after one ticket if you’ve been a loyal customer with a previously clean record.

On speeding citations, how much over matters. Drivers going more than 15 over the limit will see auto insurance increase more than drivers ticketed for only 5 over. Excessive speed is linked to higher auto accident rates, which make you a bigger risk in the eyes of your car insurance company.

Traffic Tickets from Another State: All states are now linked via a central database. Your ticket will be reported regardless of where it occurs and may be used to add driving record points in your home state. If you don’t pay a ticket timely, you could even have your license suspended in your home state.

Avoiding Higher Car Insurance Premiums: Don’t admit guilt when you get a ticket. If you admit guilt, you may not be able to contest it at a later date.

Violations Cost Money: As a general rule, expect that one four point ticket can increase your insurance premiums by up to 50 in some cases. It is typically cost effective to retain an attorney to contest the ticket.

Age: If you are over age twenty five with nothing else on your record in about three years, some violations may not trigger an insurance increase. Some companies review your record when your premium is renewed – others less frequently. It is checked when you first apply and then it depends on the policy of particular company.

Multiple Tickets: Problems definitely start with a second ticket. That is why it is important to keep any and all tickets off your record or reduce the offense.

CDL & Company Drivers: If you drive a company vehicle or have a CDL, your record will be checked every year.

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