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Traffic Tickets - Insurance Increases - Don't Just Pay That Ticket!

A study by recently conducted a study as to how various traffic violations affect auto insurance premiums. They listed insurance average insurance increases for 15 common traffic violations:

  • Reckless driving – 22 %
  • DUI (1st offense) – 19%
  • Driving without a license (would include driving after revocation and Operating After Suspension – 18%
  • Imprudent Speed-Fail to Control Vehicle-Too Fast for Conditions -16 %
  • Failure to stop – 15 %
  • Driving 30 or more over the limit – 15%
  • Improper turn – 15%
  • Texting while driving
  • Improper passing – 14%
  • Following too closely – 13%
  • Speeding 15 – 29 over the limit – 12%
  • Speeding 1- 14 over the limit – 11%
  • Failure to yield – 9%
  • Driving without insurance – 6%
  • Seat belt violation – 3%

Additionally, rates also depend on other factors like age, sex, address, marital status and length of time with your insurance carrier. Rates are also higher for persons under age 25 and any ticket convictions trigger larger insurance increases than for others.

Expect that violations for Racing, Fleeing an Officer or certain other major violations cause increases similar to Reckless Driving or DUI.

A clear record is less likely to be affected by a ticket for a moving violation. Insurers generally check your record every six months or when your policy comes up for renewal. In Wisconsin, traffic violations generally stay on your driver’s record for five years. DUI convictions stay on the record for life.

Moving violations are worse than non-moving violations for insurance purposes.

If you receive a traffic ticket, it is almost always worth contesting it in court. Many tickets may be amended to less serious violations, thereby lessening insurance impact and reducing demerit points.

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