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Traffic Citations - Insurance Increases for Certain Violations


Smart Money listed a chart with potential increase in care insurance rates when you get a ticket for various traffic violations. The data in the calculations were derived from a review of 490,000 auto insurance quotes. The results:

Reckless Driving: 22%

DUI/OWI/Drunk Driving/Operating with Prohibited
BAC – First Offense: 19%

Driving without a license or permit: 18%

Speeding 30 mph over the limit: 15%

Failure to stop: 15%

Improper Passing: 14%
Tailgating / Following Too Closely: 13%

Speeding 1 to 14 over the limit: 11%

No care insurance: 6%

Seat Belt infractions: 3%

They also tell you what you can do to minimize (or even negate) the impact of a ticket:

*Fight the ticket
*Weigh alternate pleas
*Shop for a new policy
*Keep you nose clean
*Take a driving course

The bottom line is that simply paying a ticket or pleading guilty to a charged offense may be detrimental to your pocket book.

Courtney & Molter can help you weigh your options, provide an honest appraisal of what to expect and the cost of contesting citations.

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