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Drunk Driving / OWI / DUI - Should I Take a Breath or Blood Test

In short, Wisconsin law has an “implied consent” provision, meaning that by driving in our state, you consent to provide a sample of blood, breath or urine if there is probable cause to believe you are driving under the influence.

Conviction on a refusal to take a required test is a separate and significant penalty over and above a drunk driving / OWI / DUI conviction. It results in a longer license revocation time and mandatory installation of a breath interlock device on all vehicles in your name.

The best and short answer is that it does not help to refuse a test. The police can actually force a blood draw in many circumstances on a refusal and you can still be prosecuted for refusal. You are also generally required to submit to any of the three test options, even if you have already provided a sample. You could be asked and required to take a breath test and provide a blood sample and refusal to comply can trigger prosecution and penalties.

Taking a preliminary breath test (usually alongside the road with a hand held device) is not mandatory; however, an officer usually then concludes you are drinking or under the influence of some other substance, make an arrest and then request the mandatory breath or blood sample at the station.

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