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Commercial Trucking Weight Violations - Company Owner Liability

In Wisconsin, commercial trucking weight violation citations, overweight traffic citations and some other classes of commercial vehicle equipment violations will be issued to the VEHICLE or TRUCK OWNER, as opposed to the person driving the vehicle.

This tends to be a shock to a company owner, especially in cases where the driver may not have advised the owner that he or she received the citation.

Overweight violations are incredibly expensive to the vehicle owner. Citation amounts are calculated on a formula using, in part, the amount of weight over the permissible limit. Fines routinely total in the thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

If the citation is issued in the name of a company or corporation, an attorney is required to appear if the citation will be contested.

In many instances, fines may be substantially reduced in court through negotiations. Reduction amounts vary greatly from place to place, but there is almost always a substantial monetary benefit to contesting these citations.

Many municipalities vigorously enforce commercial weight / semi / truck violations and impose SPECIAL WEIGHT LIMITS during certain times of the year to mitigate damage to roads.

Courtney & Molter represent trucking companies, operators and commercial licensed drivers on all types of CDL violations throughout Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Washington County, Ozaukee County, Village of Sussex, Village of Greendale, Dunn County as wells as anywhere in the State of Wisconsin.

We will quote a flat fee for handling your overweight or special weight limit violations.