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Courtney & Molter, Milwaukee's personal injury lawyers
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin Trial Lawyers

At Courtney & Molter, our attorneys have decades of civil and criminal litigation experience in the municipal, state and federal courts of Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Our attorneys give seminars and teach continuing legal education courses to other attorneys, as well. We are proud of these professional experiences and accomplishments. We are equally proud of the demonstrated commitment our attorneys show each client in every legal matter.

To learn more about the backgrounds, educational attainments and professional accomplishments of the lawyers at our firm — please use the links provided below.

  • Robert M. Courtney
  • David J. Molter

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Robert M. Courtney, Wisconsin defense attorney

Robert M. Courtney

Managing Partner
David J. Molter, attorney at law, Milwaukee criminal defense attorney

David J. Molter

Managing Partner